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Hi! I'm Rachael, and I want to help you expand your mind to make better financial decisions.

I'm an MBA graduate, financial geek and former Army Officer. I've learned a lot about strategic decision making and finance over the years and I believe that a better understanding of economics and financial markets is your #1 tactic to thriving in life. And I keep it simple.

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Price mechanism. A lady paying a cashier with a plastic card.

The Price Mechanism: Your Ultimate Guide To Prices And Pricing

You’re about to read what could be the most important post on my blog. It’s going to explain one of the most fundamental concepts in economics. Once you understand this concept and its implications, it will change the way you think about the world. It’s called the price mechanism. As informed citizens, we need the

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investing for retirement

Investment for retirement: 13 mistakes that will cost you money

Having enough money to enjoy retirement, whenever it arrives, is something we all want.  However, no matter how much you manage to save, losing money is painful, especially when as time goes on, we stand fewer chances of making it back. And the we make mistakes with our money, the harder it becomes. Here

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Effective decision making ultimate guide signpost

Effective Decision Making: The Ultimate Guide [2021]

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Life is full of them. When we get them right, we get done. Life is fruitful and easy. But, when we get them wrong… Well, life can suck. So much so that panicking about making the right choice is not uncommon.  Moreover, if a decision has big consequences many people are

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How to build a virtual portfolio. Picture of a computer screen, keyboard and flowers.

How to build a virtual portfolio (everything you need to know)

There are so many benefits to investing. It’s one of the ways we can achieve financial freedom and set ourselves up for the future. However, many people think about it but are then afraid to start. Some people feel they lack the skills and will make mistakes and lose money. Others think it’s dangerous and

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