Are you kept up at night by difficult decisions?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there?

Do you wish you had a geeky friend to help you with the choices in your business and in your life that really matter in the long-run?

Since having my own children and running my own business, I’ve discovered just how many decisions mums make on a daily basis. At home, we’re often the default decision-makers, giving advice and making choices about anything from family finances to where to go on holiday. At work, we make big decisions to successfully run our businesses. It’s exhausting!

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And I’ve discovered that many mums are being kept up at night from the constant stressing over limitless options and information overload.

Likewise, we’re often so busy with the day-to-day tactical decision making – what to make for dinner, when to clean the bathroom, even what to wear in the morning – that we don’t have time to fully research the bigger, more strategic choices we have to make. Such larger decisions could be about financial planning, growing your business, or sustainable living, to name only three.

And when we find the time to research, there’s so much information to consider that we often act on impulse because we’re are scared to think about the choice fully, or we don’t have the time.

Well, this is where Fitzonomics is here to help! I’m Rachael, former Army Officer, MBA and total geek. I can show you how to take the fear out of those big strategic decisions, and by researching the economics of each, I can save you time and energy.

This is an easy-going and friendly place where busy mums can find the information they need to make the best decisions for their families, their businesses, and their circumstances.

Fitzonomics is:

  • your geeky friend, saving you time and energy with research;
  • a channel to better understand the world we live in (without boring yourself to tears), helping the direction of your business and your life;
  • your logical, rational friend, assisting you to take the emotional steam out of a big decision, helping you to sleep better and live more!

Fitzonomics is not:

  • Just another dry economics blog. I am passionate about making sure the information I give is easy to understand and relatable. Economics is not simply about money. It’s about the way we think so it’s especially relevant to big decision-makers – mums. Every article should be a ‘lightbulb moment’ – for me too!
  • A blog that tells you what to do. The only person who can do this is you. I’m committed to helping mums access the tools they need to make those big decisions with more confidence and less stress.

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