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On a beautiful summers day, 10 years ago, two mums decided to regain their independence by starting their own businesses. They were good friends, had grown up together and were very much alike.

Both mums were driven, both were smart, and both were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently, these mums got together to see how far they’d come.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had two children. And both were still entrepreneurs.

But there was one difference. One of the women made a bit of extra money each month. The other had sold her business and was set up for a fine retirement, and the ability to help her children financially should they need it.

What made the difference?

Do you ever wonder what makes this sort of difference in peoples’ lives? It’s something I think about all the time.

It’s not IQ, talent or even being a workaholic. And it’s not that one person dreams of success and the other doesn’t.

The difference is in what someone knows and, perhaps more importantly, how they use that knowledge.

And this is why I started Fitzonomics. The whole purpose behind the blog is to give readers knowledge and actionable tips they can use both in real life and in their businesses.

A unique blog

You see, Fitzonomics, is like no other blog. It’s not an academic economics blog, and neither is it a personal finance blog of the budgeting and thrift type.

It’s about strategic thinking, the principles of which can be applied to both our personal lives and our businesses.

The blog includes a broad range of information, actionable tips, and insights for business-minded people. But, it’s specifically for mumpreneurs with their unique priorities.

Knowledge is power

Fitzonomics covers investing, economics, business and life skills. You’ll find that they all interlink and knowledge of one category is enhanced by understanding the others.  For example, investing requires knowledge of economics and business strategy; the ability to communicate – a core life skill – underpins a successful business, and economics – the management of resources – reinforces the lot.

There’s article after article of absorbing information that’s useful to you.

If you’ve not read it yet, you should.

It’s free!

Yup, no charge. But, you’ll make a significant return on your time investment. Can you afford not to?

If you feel – like I do – that this is a good idea, you’ll want to find out right now what Fitzonomics can do for you. 

Please sign up to the regular email updates. You’ll also get free access to the resource library, full of useful cheat sheets, templates and other good stuff to help you use the information in a practical way.

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About those two mums at the beginning of this post: they started their businesses at the same time. So what made their journeys different?

Knowledge. Helpful knowledge. And its productive application.

An investment in your success

I can’t promise you’ll be immediately successful from reading Fitzonomics. But I can guarantee you’ll find it consistently interesting, sometimes humorous, but always useful.

Yours aye

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